5S method for hospitals
This simple management method is highly efficient in eliminating wastes in medical units. The main assets of 5S method is better organized workplace, visual management, standardization and cleanness. 5S method in hospital makes that people are working in controlled environment, it means space with defined medical equipment and storage area. Order in workplace means that needed materials, drugs and equipment are located in the nearest place of use. In emergency situation medical personnel can take an action immediately. Mess and inventory hide problems like lack of disposable materials, defected equipment or expired medications. 5S method is set of rules and best practices, which improves clinical processes and quality of patient service and workplace ergonomics. Where can you implement 5S solutions? From one side it could be used in supported processes as organization in utility room, in hospital warehouses with drugs, design common area for patient and medical personnel with pointed storage areas for wheelchairs, patient beds or medical equipment. This solutions also affects the safety, for example not enclose corridors and exits. From other side it could be main clinical processes where procedures must be followed very strictly, like operation and mayo table where all surgical tools should be placed in defined quantity, type and order for exact type of operation. Operating room attendant cannot make mistake and hand over wrong tool. Part of his responsibilities is connected with 5S method practices like: prepare appropriate set of tools; checking quantity of surgical tools and materials before operation and after; prepare defined drugs; control of appropriate patient positioning on the operating table. We design hospital spaces according to 5S principles and also we design clinical processes according to lean healthcare rules. You can start with 5S from one hospital ward, one room or just workstation.
5S methodology

Lean Hospitals? Lean management followed by facilitating

It's all about pursuit of excellence in managing healthcare organizations by implementing lean philosophy. Improving management efficiency by engaging whole staff to cooperate. It is a safety improvement for clinical processes throughout essential lean tools. Lean management in healthcare is a philosophy, which will change “life” of your organization. It changes way of thinking your employees and process organization. Our aim is to design processes, which influences on each other, creating value added activities and meet expectations our patients and clients. We eliminating redundant time in processes, unnecessary transportation, additional work, which customer won’t pay. We convert every process in service realization, which is easy, understood for everyone, unified and well visualized. Thanks to that process participants (medical personnel, patients) know on which stage they are, does every step not omitted, which documents and forms are needed and in which point process will be finished. In our view clinical process in best perspective, is realized by team, mapped, based in flat structure organization, with known KPI’s, risk evaluation, good communication, and identified every participant. Check out how VSM looks like in ER. It is real case study!


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Katarzyna Złotowska MSc Production Engineering and Management

Lean Healthcare expert, clinical process optimization engineer, LH founder, ISO auditor (registered in IRCA), coach, six sigma green belt,

Anna Złotowska Nursing MSc, MBA

Healthcare Human Resource Manager, implementing new techniques and management tools. Professional specialist of clinical processes design and management, medical risk management and hospital communication.

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