Lean Hospitals at University of Technology

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Lean Hospitals expands interests about lean management among young students. We participate in lectures at Koszalin University of Technology about lean management, process optimization. Our first meeting catched on fire with enthusiasm. Students of management, economy, finance and accounting departments have known basics of lean system and advanteges it gives. Despite the fact lecture has been planned in details, subject wasn’t presented in 100%, because of lack enough time. We were talking about services process optimization, 5S methodology, Pareto, 8D, A3 problem solving.

During meeting were presented main foundations lean management philosophy, its aspects as: CTQ- critical to quality, VOC- voice of customer. Next phase was 7 wastes-muda with practical examples and movies . Also there was presented VM- visual management and 5S. All students during lectures had possibility to understand good approach to customer and his expectations (CtQ). What effects gives incorrect, incomplete and imprecise message. Results of this workshop are presented below, on the photo. During meeting also quality aspects were presented. In my opinion without knowing processes in organization, it borders, aim, it is hard to define value stream and internal client. If we know customer expectations, it is easier to desing process. Having designed process, we can find muda, for example: movement or waiting.

Next aspect is changeover, in production sector it is required SMED technique- changeover in less than 10 minutes. We should be aware that in services sector changeovers are also time-consuming, it descrease process efficiency about 30%. Len management can be used in different sectors as: healthcare (shorten patient waiting time for medical service, descrease inventory level in warehouse), accounting (lean accounting), IT, banking (decrease quantity of paper documents, the same actions, improve information flow, shorten time of claim processing).


Pay attention to those employees who respectfully ask why. They are demonstrating an interest in their jobs and exhibiting a curiosity that could eventually translate into leadership ability. Harvey Mackay

In conclusion, we are glad to see that more young people are interested in lean management. We invite you to cooperation.