About Lean-hospitals

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Lean Hospitals is a lean management philosophy which originates from lean manufacturing and lean management. Strongly associated with efficient approach towards clinical processes management. Initially used in production but afterwards it became popular in medical services. Today determined as lean hospitals it is concerned as lean management of hospital (every…

Quality in medicine is not enough!

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Focusing on the topic of clinical process management, quality management systems may not be enough to lead medical unit and maintan high quality standards. Growing awareness of managers and employees forced implementation of approving changes in leadership. Competent team should also be geared forward to service provison process. Lean hospitals as…

What is lean-hospitals?

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It is a philosophy that manages clinical processes and its aim is to improve processes, reduce business costs and reinforce efficiency. The goals are to enhance patients safety and increase quality of offered services throughout simple techniques and staff cooperation. Lean hospital originates on lean manufacturing, first introduced by Toyota. If you want to know more about Lean hospitals contact us!