What is Lean Hospital?
Lean Hospitals is a philosphy of lean management that stems from lean manufacturing and lean management. It is an efficient management method to reinforce personnel cooperation. This approach was initially used at manufactuiring processes, but today its philosophy is well-functioning in medical business. Technique known as lean hospitals deals with lean management of a hospital (every medical unit).
Where does Lean hospitals philosophy derives from?
This philosophy originates from lean manufacturing and lean management. James Womack decided to collected ideas of Henry Ford, Taichi Ohno and Shingeo Shingo to create philosophy of lean manufacturing.
What tools and techniques can we use while improving processes?
While improving processes it is handy to use cheap and simple techniques to lower operating costs. The root is to run Deming cycle PDCA-PLAN-DO-CHECK-ACT to achieve continuous improvements and check efficiency of those changes. KAIZEN technique uses engagement and creativity of employees that reflect continuous process and service improvement. You can find out lean methods on our “Techniques” subpage or by contacting us.
Does lean means lean literally?
Precisely! Lean is a collation of lean hospitals, lean manufacturing and lean management – lean literally. It refers to depleting both manufacturing processes and services. It is aimed to cut costs of spending and resources thereby maintaining quality level and productivity. The purpose is to find any kind of waste.
What advantages does lean-hospitals contribute?
Most of all, it’s a tool to develop internal processes of a health facility. It’s about standardizing processes – predominantyl medical processes – and also analysing and evaluating risks on every following stage of a service. Procedure of this kind are designed to lower medications and other resources storage supplies. There are also numerous advantages among resurce and time management. The point is process optimization – it’s aimed at simplicity and improvement. Lean-hospitals philosphy pros:

– high level of patients and employees safety – simple clinical procedures – reduce hospital stay – rationalise work of medical staff – cut costs of medical services and functions at healthcare facilities – enhance business efficiency

Can training take place at client’s business?
Trainings conducted by Anna Wruk Ltd. can take place at client’s business location – these are closed trainings. Please contact us for more information.
How long it takes to finish a project?
Our offer of “One-week project” is devided into specific stages and lasts 7 days. 5 days of directly performed at clients exact location and 2 days of preparing documentation by both sides.
Is consulting successful enough?
Consulting is effective if every requirement is precisely defined, cooperation is active and mutual and we work on actual data.