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Who we are?

We’re creative and courageous, open to people and actions – we’re very experienced. Our motto is “See globally, perceive details, enhance details, perceive a person.” People make us core to achieve excellent work. Safety, quality and savings are qualities that improve work of experts and protect employees around a company. Diversity is what we make use of by combining differences together we achieve the impossible. All we do is well-conceived, we analyse needs, we define essential resources and implement improvements by successive teamwork.


Lean hospitals is about consulting professionals, designing medical processes, building up cooperation and overcoming any limitations.

We focus on constant praktyki of lean-hospitals philosophy throughout use of simple, efficient and innovative tools and also engagement of personnel itself. The aim is to satisfy every client and collaborate with the most lean-advanced healthcare facilities from across the world creating cluster of exemplar lean-hospitals units.
Our objective is to convince heath care managers to lean-hospitals as a permanent and efficient management method. It concerns conducting regular training and make medical and non-medical personnel aware of everyday use of lean tools and continuous development of their skills.